Project Description

The increasing demands of retail

The digitization assigns new tasks particularly to the retail industry. The popularization of shopping possibilities and price comparison portals on the internet lead to a higher price sensitivity and a lower loyalty from the customers. Customers expect more and more information and advice by the retailer and trust mostly on the recommendation of others. Modern technology has to be used to get special experiences for the customer and to ensure interaction between customers and retailer. In order to face the requirements, the fulfillment of customer needs to be in the first place.

Happy customers due to new technology

BHM & COMPANY has developed with a large German retailer in the Mood Media project, a concept which copes the demands of the customers by linking modern concepts and technologies. The Mood Media concept creates in a long-term more intelligence, more performance and more success in retail through the optimization of Customer Journey.

In addition to that, the customer gets already the maximum of comfort before the purchase. There could be an overview of interesting offers given while entering and a navigation of the location could also be given through the installation of a LCD- wall.

Coordinated infrastructures for interactive services

Hard- and software must be adjusted equally to get the best implementation of the services. Interactive showcases offer an innovative service for customers through Kinect. Multi- and single-touch elements provide even more possibilities to address the customers outside the opening hours and to generate a high traffic.

A tablet could be used as an inspirational island at the store to have access on the online store and to have the possibility of a feedback disposal through iFeedback®. Touchscreens on shelves support the overview for the customer and increase the metabolic rate particularly effective.

Unique experience due to Mood Media

BHM & COMPANY has created in partnership with a large German Retailer two concepts which are based on different technologies. The Version “X.0 Flash” is set on Kinect and so are the multi-touch elements. The “X.0 Smart” model works with a digital screen in the showcase and with a tablet as an inspirational island at the store to get ideal customer satisfaction.

A real excess value

The advantages of the Mood Media concept are obviously:

  • generate interest for more traffic
  • inspire customers for more retention
  • lead decision for more deals
  • simplify acquisition for higher sales revenue
  • offer service for more contact
  • set inducement for higher commitment

If you also want to improve from unique services through modern technology, do not hesitate to contact us and we create a special experience for your customers.

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