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BHM COMPANY’s digital concepts and services facilitate companies to attain a market-leading position in the digital world. We support companies to analyse trends and topics, to break new ground in the digital age and to establish digital business segments.

Our team consisting of strategists, consultants and digital specialists creates new potential for you in a digital world. Learn more about our services and expertise on our homepage.


Why digital communication is so important

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Digital strategies are increasingly important for companies…

People owning a smartphone in Germany
Number of apps downloaded worldwide
Average usage of apps per day

How we realise digital strategies with you

Combination of conventional business segments with the latest communication technology


BHM & COMPANY’s corporate principle ensures that the company’s resources are exclusively invested in projects with verifiably high relevance and a maximum of efficiency. We create surpluses by combining conventional business segments with new media, trusting in your expertise combined with our experience. Our team consisting of digital specialists constantly creates new potential for you in a digital world.


DigitaI Intelligence

We combine conventional business models with digital media. The combination of established and new concepts ensures sustainable growth with digitalization.


Intense communication

Products and services designed with you intensify your communication with your customers. Profit from the usage of the latest concepts for digital transformation.

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Corporate success

Digital communication supports you to create a surplus for you and your customers. Increase your customer’s loyalty and make it longer lasting.

Digitale Strategie

What we achieved with our customers

Exceptional digital innovations

The digital concepts and services by BHM & COMPANY are currently successfully adopted in more than 30 countries. A collaboration based on trust is essential for our work. Our clients can be certain to be supported in any kind of problem – no matter how complex it might be.


Digital Signage 2.0: Conversion Tunnel

The advertising market in transition
The advertising market is currently facing a number of major challenges. The atmosphere has an appreciable effect on the market, because of a stagnant national economy, greater progressing convergence of media, […]

Future Store: Real-time feedback at POS

Increasing challenges to the relationship management of the retail

Building a successful relationship to a customer is nowadays especially for the trade a major challenge. Minor differences in price and similarly perceived product quality make it […]

Digital Multisensorial Media Marketing


The increasing demands of retail

The digitization assigns new tasks particularly to the retail industry. The popularization of shopping possibilities and price comparison portals on the internet lead to a higher price sensitivity and a lower […]


Which measures are necessary for this

Pragmatic approach for innovative ideas

Innovative ideas have the power, to create something special. Therefor it is important for us, to make strategic valuable decisions regarding innovations, based on tested practices and methods. We support you all the way from the analysing to the implementation.



We examine your portfolio and match it with the demands of your customers at all contact points (internal analysis). At the same time we acquire, which opportunities and trends the market is providing for you and demonstrate “best practices” from associated industries (external analysis).


  • Analysis of your communication
  • Determination of the contact points
  • Analysis of trends and technologies

  • Demonstration of „best practices“



We develop a digital communications strategy for your company. From the activation to the efficient processing, along the whole value chain of digital communication, we develop digital communication concepts and services, to steer your company into an optimal position.


  • Development of an innovation strategy
  • Conception of services
  • Reorganisation of processes

  • Development of a success control

iF-Improvement Kopie


Based on the predefined roadmap, we implement concepts together. Successful services are then transferred into regular operations. We support you with the technical implementation, as well as the development of processes and the coaching of your staff.


  • Planning of roadmaps and implementation
  • Interim and project management

  • Workshops and trainings

  • Recommandations for action

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Digitale Strategie der BHMCO

Why we are the perfect mate for you



For our work, a curious and open mind is just as important as entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to work under pressure. BHM & COMPANY’s staff combines all these skills to create real surpluses and long-term competitive advantages for our clients. BHM & COMPANY’s work therefore features values such as innovative approach, passion, high business relevance and sustainable competitive advantages

We are personally available for you at any time

<strong>Alexander Bauer</strong>
Alexander BauerDivision strategy
Alexander Bauer – Consultant with long-term experience in ICT focused on innovation, new media and sales. Previously, Alexander Bauer worked as a corporate consultant in internationally renowned counselling agencies in the sector of telecommunications.


  • Marketing and distribution

  • Innovative services

  • Business modelling
<strong>Stefan E. Muth</strong>
Stefan E. MuthDivision technics
Stefan E. Muth – Consultant focused on technology and launch projects. Previously, Stefan E. Muth was employed at Deutsche Telekom AG for New Business Development and worked as corporate consultant and independent director of an IT-consulting agency.


  • Mobile and online marketing

  • Platform and software developement

  • Implementation and launch management

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