How to successfully launch your online-strategy


Today we live in a world in which basically no business can survive without an online strategy. It is particularly important that this will not be detached and viewed separately, but rather is perceived as a permanent of corporate strategy.

Customer as the most important reference point

When designing an online strategy, the customer should be considered first as the most important decision maker. He won’t consider online and offline performance of a company separately, but rather wants to experience a seamless brand experience. For this reason, the topic of digitization should also be dealt with in top management positions and be integrated across all channels.

Combination of online and offline performance

A digitization should therefore require no complete resolution of the analog range. The digitization of certain business sectors opens up new possibilities instead, for both on the part of distribution as well as on the side of marketing. The ROPO effect describes a recent development from the buyer point of view: a product research almost takes place exclusively online (Research Online), but the purchase is made offline (Purchase Offline).

Mobile internet on the upswing

The use of mobile internet via smartphone or tablet is becoming increasingly important from this point of view. The research of products, prices and customer experiences takes place not only at home on your own computer, but also more and more through mobility while you are on the move. This provides companies with the challenge to offer its customers mobile optimized content.

Online presence is the key to success

In order to survive in the digital world, the online representation of their own company is of extraordinary importance. It is not just about presenting all relevant information clearly and concisely, but also about presenting the company itself outwardly in a good light. This is achieved at its best when you let customers represent you own company in this light. But, how does it work?

Show enthusiasm with the iFeedback® Widget

The iFeedback® Widget allows you to introduce positive feedback you received from your customer via iFeedback® online to the public and also directly optimized for mobile usage. You can choose specific feedbacks and present them online. You will convince your customers by the enthusiasm of your other customers. Check out here how that will look like.

Bring your business into the digital age

Take the first steps into the digital world, we will support you. Start now with a free trial of iFeedback® and present the best feedbacks with your widget. No matter how you want to start in the digital world, we support you.

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