10 steps to more customer loyalty


Loyal customers are of enormous value for companies. They buy more and more often and at the same time, they create positive recommendation in their own surroundings, as well as in the big online community. Gain loyal customers for your company by following these 10 steps:

1. Binding customers as a part of the corporate mission

To create customer loyalty it is necessary that the whole company is part of the process and not only a few departments that look after binding strategies.  Therefore, the responsibility for binding customer must be transferred to every single employee and integrated in their daily working routine. To enable this, an anchorage in the corporate mission must take place, so binding customers is attached the necessary importance and processes can be adjusted easily. Long-term satisfaction of customers can only be secured like this.

2. Create emotional bonding

To guarantee loyalty it is very important to emotionally bind customers. Therefore, trust, acceptance and respect for the company must be established. Each contact with the customer should not only be used for the act of purchase, but also to build up a strong and long-term relationship with customers and to reward good cooperation. As soon as customers are emotionally bond to a company, there is no more reason for them to change the supplier. Thus loyal customers become a continuous source of income.

3. Offer high service quality

Enthuse your customers permanently. Secure high service quality and treat each customer individually. E.g. in case of reclamation, don’t only offer the replacement, but create a unique and memorable experience to rebuild emotional bonding. Therefore the customer feels like he or she is in good hands and you create an important point of differentiation in the market.

4. Highlight your unique selling proposition

Nowadays, being the best is not sufficient anymore. Anchor your unique selling proposition to your operations and services and make the customer experience, what makes your company unique.

5. Support and reward recommendation

Satisfied customers will love to recommend you because they are certain about your quality. This way, loyal customers can be very helpful to win new customers. Patrons can play a supporting role in your marketing and are less expensive at the same time. To ensure this support in the long run, you should regularly offer rewards for recommendation. This, in turn, leads to a stronger emotional bonding of patrons and to a greater trust of prospects in the company.

6. Professional handling of complaints

High fluctuation of customers often results from bad handling of complaints. At the same time, customer satisfaction declines dramatically. Each complaint should be taken as a suggestion to optimize processes. Offer a compensation for your customers to rebuild the emotional bonding by creating positive experiences.

7. Integration of employees

Every single employee has an influence on the customer experience. As representatives of the company they are the ones having to fulfill the performance bond. Thus it is necessary to train and motivate your employees in social skills. This includes the appreciation and rewarding of very positive experiences. Because when the customers feel comfortable, this is transferred to the customers which increases their loyalty.

8. Win customer insights

To win long-term loyal customers it is necessary to listen to the customers. Only from customers themselves, you learn precious customer insights that contribute to a positive development of the company. Don’t skimp on this: use every possible source to learn something about your customers and evaluate these data thoughtfully. Modern communication technologies (e.g. iFeedback®) support you in this, so the handling only requires little time. The won information contain precious tips for optimizing the processes of companies.

9. Loyalty campaigns in direct marketing

Nowadays, event- and experience-orientated campaigns are realizable with little effort and often they can even be automated. Good business connections for example can be intensified by small incentives like vouchers on birthdays or competitions. This animates customers to inform about the company’s novelties and to buy new products.

10. Automate performance measurement

Evaluations can be made using automated reporting. Thus, loyalty programs can be continuously reviewed and your company is able to intervene in time and changes can be carried out as the case may be. Additionally you can compare different procedures with each other and therefore guarantee the highest possible efficiency.

Loyalize your customers now

Secure long-term loyal and satisfied customers by following these 10 important steps. It’s our pleasure to support you in this: in a personal consultation we analyze your individual business processes and optimization potentials.

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