Digitization 2015


The New Year is knocking on the door and brings lots of exciting challenges. The omnipresence of digitization creates chances and risks at the same time and significantly influences trends for the New Year. A special focus should be laid on customers in 2015, because in the so-called “Age of the Customer” they own more market power than ever.

1. Sensitization in data privacy

The improvements in Big Data policies will demand greater cooperation of IT and Marketing in 2015, which facilitates the optimization of customer contact in many ways. But especially in this branch, extreme caution should be exercised. One of the most important tasks for companies will be to guarantee a legal protection by requesting permits by customers.

2. Optimization of personalization

Many companies have identified the importance of a personalized address in the marketing sector. This most important factor in 2015’s marketing is often mistaken for simple segmentation. But nowadays, it’s no longer only about the classification in groups with criteria like age or sex. Personalization in 2015 should be matched to the individual more than ever. The systematic recording and evaluation of customer activities by using Big Data facilitates an individualized personalization fitting the “Segment of One”-approach.

3. Development of multi-channeling

The days when marketers only had to edit selected content for mobile usage are over. Nowadays, the whole communication and shopping process has to be mobile for customers to be interactively integrated in the process. The intercommunion of on- and offline channels will be determining business success. The ones who haven’t adjusted their channels yet will be in big trouble next year if they don’t recondition in time. The New Year offers even more new channels that have to be served: important devices that have to be involved in the development process will presumably be wearables such as smartwatches and in-car-communication (ICC).

4. Implementation of the Single Customer View

Individualizing the buying process starts with the personalization of marketing and should be kept as a concept along the whole process. Customers want to be treated as individuals, therefore the implementation of a single-customer-view-concept over all channels must be started in 2015. It requires information to be conditioned and presented at every touchpoint so the customer may easily access it online as well as offline. This should not only be applied on functional product information but also content should be charged with emotions so they can be experienced. This is the only way a qualitative differentiation in the market is reachable.

5. Increased customer orientation

The more companies focus on customers, the more the customer can control the transparent market e.g. by constantly changing and comparing providers. This should be an appeal to give the customer with each contact the feeling that he or she is important. To create this special customer experience the customer dialogue has to be improved and each involved branch has to be informed about necessary content. Even in logistics the customer gets more and more focused in 2015. Fast delivery like “Same day delivery” in online shops as well as fresh products with a continuous cooling chain in food industry should be offered by default in 2015.

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