Customer Journey: Ordinary is not enough


If you want to establish a successful customer relationship and true customer loyalty, it is not enough to simply satisfy your customers. To make the customer relationship successful it is important to establish an emotional connection between company and customer and to create sustainable customer loyalty. But how is it possible to create said emotional connection between customer and company? The answer to this question is quite easy: customer contact.

What are the reasons that make a customer journey special?

But what is the difference in customer contact on a regular customer journey and customer contact on a sublime customer journey? To find the answer to this question, one has to realize, how the contact between customer and company normally is happening on the journey. Often a company will proactively get in contact with the customer and confront him with different incentives to convince him from purchasing a product or service. This starts with, the activation, that is to raise awareness for the offer, and ends with the conversion, that is the purchase of the product or service. If the customer then is satisfied with his purchase, the customer journey was successful.

This standardized customer journey, though, nowadays is not enough anymore. Because of the customers being able to compare prices online quickly and easily and barriers for changing the vendor are almost nonexistent, even satisfied customers are easily changing their vendor, if they think, they can get a product with the same quality somewhere else cheaper. The reason for this is, that even satisfied customers often are not emotionally connected with their provider.

Digitalisation leads to emotionalisation

But how can this emotional connection be established? This is achieved by the company not just proactively presenting incentives, but reacting to wishes, criticism, suggestions as well as feedback from the customer. This means, that a relationship is established in both ways. On one side, the company is providing incentives for purchasing a product or service and communicates with the customer. On the other side, the customer is able to contact the company directly and give his opinion on certain aspects.

The „7 Rules of Engagement“

For this to be successful, some requirements have to be met, the “7 Rules of Engagement”. First the company has to raise the customers’ awareness that they can provide his feedback to the company, which is similar to the first step on the customer journey. Then, a dedicated communication channel has to be provided. This way the customer knows how and where he can give his feedback. The third requirement is the automatic acquisition of the feedback, so it can be directly forwarded and automatically analysed. To make sure as much feedback as possible is provided, the communication channel has to be available on all platforms, online as well as offline, to remove possible feedback barriers. If the company now offers special incentives to the customer for providing his feedback, nothing is standing in the way for the customer communicating with the company.

Now the company has to react to the feedback in an appropriate way, address problems and talk about suggestions made by the customers. By instantaneously reacting to the customers opinions, the company is creating a special experience for the customer. The customer this way knows that his opinion is taken seriously and the company reacted accordingly. This results in a foundation of trust between customer and company and with it an emotional connection is established. But not only the customer profits from this, the company profits from the feedback as well. This leads to the next step that follows. With a reporting system and an automatized evaluation companies are able to analyse the gathered data in real-time, compare the performance of different locations and learn from the gathered data as well as draw conclusions for the future.

With the direct customer contact, which has been established through this digital communication, and the advantage in information, that the company has got through the gathered data, it is possible to address customers targeted, react to their wishes and offer special experiences. This secures long lasting customer loyalty and leads to an emotional connection between company and customer. This is the only way the customer journey can truly be sustainably successful and an emotional connection to the company can be established.

Do you want emotional loyalty as well?

Are you interested in long lasting loyalty from your customers? Then contact us today and we develop individual concepts for a successful customer journey. BHM Media Solutions GmbH supports you with the implementation of digital communication systems like iFeedback® and the emotional connection with your customers. How this is implemented successfully can be seen in our description on our project with Görtz and Mood Media.

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